Our Guided Luxury Safaris offer you the opportunity to experience Africa in classic style and luxury in top lodges and in prime game viewing areas. Join us on a safari which exudes style and luxury in every form

We know where the action is - If you're a serious photographer or a budding pro looking for top shots - let us guide you. We'll set you up with the best photographic opportunities in the 'hottest' game spots

Exploring the African Savannas on foot is the original African safari. If you desire for an escape to the 'Old Africa' and wish for an authentic safari experience full of adventure and intrigue, we will take you there

Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Bonobos and Lemurs - let us guide you on a voyage of discovery into the wild forests of Africa and Madagascar to explore pristine eco-systems searching for these endangered species

Africa is a fly fishing wonderland - whether you're in search of Africa's ferocious freshwater Tigerfish or if you prefer to pursue the many salt water species, we will guide you there to catch & release

Africa has huge tracts of unexplored wilderness. Whether you wish to travel into uncharted forests, photograph rare species, discover new species or conduct an exploratory expedition, we'll guide you


Our Favourite Destinations

PANTHER Africa is a safari guiding company, owned and run by Tony Reumerman. We are a small group of seasoned professionals with an intimate understanding and specialist knowledge of the areas that we guide in. We have lived, trained and guided in most of the prime safari regions in Africa, and besides having an advanced knowledge of African wildlife we have an in depth knowledge of the intricacies of traveling through these areas

PANTHER, our name, is inspired from 'Panthera', the scientific name for the majestic group of large cats represented by the Lion, Leopard, Jaguar, Snow leopard and Tiger; each of these cats being iconic predators in their respective habitats. In the African Savannas the large cats are at the pinnacle of the food chain, they are true indicators of a working ecosystem


Conservation - besides being holistic and well-rounded naturalists, we are obsessed with these large feline predators, the habitats which support them and their conservation. We focus on locating, sharing and exposing them, not only for their extreme beauty, photographic opportunities and behavioral allure, but also to enrich and support the wildlife reserves in which they flourish. We study the fauna and flora of these environments and use these large cats as markers for the true health of the habitats in which they survive. We strive to support parks, reserves, conservancies & lodges that operate sound conservation practices


Services - we focus and specialize on guiding iconic, luxury and exclusive travel as well as photographic safaris where guests require private safari facilities. We also guide walking safaris in prime & pristine wilderness areas at a superior level of excellence and exclusive fly fishing safaris for Africa’s top fresh and saltwater species. Over the years our advanced scientific expeditions have discovered and identified new areas, artifacts, fauna and flora


Safari and Hospitality - Not only are we highly experienced and reputable guides, we are customer care, service and hospitality experts. We have extensive working experience in 5 star safari lodges, rustic tented camps, and basic walking camps and know that the magic of a safari is in the people. We endeavour to ensure that our safari guests have the best possible wildlife experience at a level of luxury that suites them, accompanied by a highly experienced, personable, service orientated and caring guide


With over 25 years of experience in private & luxury safari excellence, we aim to provide superior exclusive experiences, which will leave you dreaming of a return trip to Africa





Tony has been guiding luxury and photographic safaris for almost three decades. He is a guide trainer, author and avid naturalist who thrives on sharing the tranquility and wonders of the wilds



Ant has extensive photographic & walking guiding experience in The Okavango, Linyanti, Kruger & Madagascar. He is a true conservationist at heart and is an intimate interpreter of these pristine places



Andi, a seasoned safari pro, has worked extensively in Namibia, Zambia & Botswana. As a German national having worked in Africa most of her life she is the ideal link between German speakers and the African wilds




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